Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sorry Tina Fey

Let me just tell you right now that this has been a tough idea to put down in words. I'll start out by apologizing to Tina Fey for even mentioning her here with all the douche bags of cable news and the kinds of political spin. That being said, she was superb in her impression of the Alaskan Governor on the season opener of SNL. I agree with Chevy Chase and hope that Fey does "descimate" Palin.
Frankly, it was a skit we all saw coming since Jon Stewart introduced McCain's choice for VP as the co-creator of the hit show 30 Rock. That being said, I would think that on a day with as bad financial news as Yesterday, perhaps the news media should have been covering news stories instead of each showing the same clip of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. It would have been bad enough for the clip to only air during those awful segments by Jeanne Moos, the ones that are repeated over and over throughout the night, but then CNN Election Center and AC360 each had a segment on it so not only was there the actual segment where he and Erica Hill bantered about the skit, but of course they had to promo it the requisite 2 or 3 times.
It's really too bad, because it was a very funny sketch but CNN is not supposed to be E!'s "The Soup" or some VH1 special called "I remember the SNL sketch." Give us some real news please and leave the playbacks of comedy shows to the comedy shows, or at the very least, limit it to once per evening.

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