Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ed Rollins is a sack of shit

Yesterday CNN ran a "commentary" by Republican strategist Ed Rollins about Barack Obama's choice for VP. In his pathetic attack piece Rollins tries the current Republican ploy of dividing the democrats and angering Hillary's supporters. It is exactly this kind of shitty journalism that makes these pundits so putrid. Perhaps if Ed Rollins had something critical to say about McCain/Palin, or Paul Begala some interesting comment on Obama/Biden it might make some sense to have these wind bags on television, but since all they do is spout out some little "zinger" that Rove emailed to them it doesn't make any sense for us to listen to them. CNN, please stop paying them and get them off the air. Try giving the American real news for a change instead of the constant speculation that passes for news these days.

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