Wednesday, September 10, 2008 are a bunch of cowards

A little break from the usual attack on pundits to focus on a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I did something against my better judgement to day and created an account at I was intrigued about a group of people who could seem to be so adamantly in favor of Hillary's run for the nomination and so vehemently opposed to another Democrat, the junior senator from Illinois, Mr. Barack Obama. I couldn't seem to grasp how someone could support someone for President and yet seem to disagree with every policy she championed. Do these people not know what Senator Clinton's stances on things like abortion and health care are? Do these people hate Obama so much that they would give the country over to the right wing machine for another 4 years? And then it hit me, these people aren't democrats, Clintons aside, and they never were. If, and this is a big if, the people at ever did vote for Hillary in the primaries it was only because one of their leaders like Rush Limbaugh told them it would be a good way to mess with the Democrats.

In my attempts to figure out who these people were I submitted a post entitled " = Republican pawns" because after reading over a few of the diaries on the website, I quickly noticed they were not just pro-Hillary but were actively pro-McCain/Palin. When I logged back in to see if my post had generated any comments, I found that I couldn't log in. I tried searching for my post and to my surprise it was gone; so were the comments I had posted on other posts.

This site is so afraid of people exposing them for the Republican hacks that they are that they delete accounts of anyone who doesn't post an article called Biden likes lipstick too. So I did what any stubborn red blooded American would do and I recreated my account, added another post about them being afraid of dissent and waited for the comments to come in and the account to be deleted. This time, I saved a copy of the post and waited for them to delete the account and then reposted. I may do it a few more times to keep them seeing a little bit of real democratic thinking.

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