Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mindless chatter

Last night I turned on CNN to see the always irrelevant Wolf Blitzer take up his entire broadcast asking what is Senator Barack Obama going to say to the NAACP. Well Wolf, why don't you report on some actual news, watch the speech and then tell us what he said, instead of wasting an hour telling us about what he may or may not say and the implications or ramifications of those possible comments. What good does it do to fill the airwaves (or cable wires I guess) with senseless hypothesizing when there is so much else going on in the world. So much time on the cable news channels is spent with talking heads ranting endlessly about what might be said and how it might be responded to. I realize they need a job and they need a reason for the networks to pay them but it's absolutely insane. Americans need to voice their disgust with this method of information distribution. Demand more news from our cable news outlets. If we want senseless dribble we can always tune our sets to VH1 and find out who the next Mrs. Flavor Flav will be.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CNN 8-9pm 2008/07/03

Way to go Erica Hill for pitching a slowpitch softball to RNC hack/Iraq War Group member Cliff May. She asked him "is this a manufactured issue?" referring to the coordinated charges from the McCain camp and the RNC that Obama is flipflopping on a myriad range of issues. What did she think he was going to say? Suppose it was a manufactured issue, would she expect this RNC strategist and contributor to our needless, senseless war in Iraq to say "yes Erica, it is manufactured. I wish you hadn't asked me that question as I am obliged to tell you the truth."

So once again, congratulations Erica Hill, for setting journalism, women journalists, and pretty faces pretending to be a journalist back decades.

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