Friday, July 17, 2009

Scary Shit

While I hate to help spread anything Glenn Beck has ever said, the conversation, and I use the word conversation loosely, he has with an intelligent and thoughtful caller from Massachusetts who challenged his assertions about health care outlines everything that's wrong with people like him.

What pork really looks like

The next time you hear some blowhard say how there isn't enough money in the budget for health care, education or other programs that benefit society as a whole, just mention the F-22. Despite the administration's requests to cut the massive spending (we're talking many billions of dollars) Congress continues to try and slip in more purchases of the F-22 fighters to appease their corporate campaign donors. Enough is enough. Call your Congressmen and Senator's offices and demand that they not fund the F-22 and instead fund something that truly matters to the American public.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For the past month, citizens of the Empire state have had to watch as their state senate ground to halt thanks to the bumbling power grab by State Senator Pedro Espada.

For those who haven't been following, Pedro Espada and girlfriend stabbing senator Hiram Monserrate departed from the Democrat caucus in the beginning of June and joined the Republicans reversing the 32-30 majority that the Democrats controlled. This led to the month long battle between the two parties and "accidental" Governor Paterson.

Thankfully it has since been resolved with both morons returning to the Democratic caucus and allowing legislation to resume, but not before jeopardizing the budgets of numerous municipalities as well as wasting New York state tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars in state senate salaries and expenses.

Now, the turn coat has been appointed Majority Leader of the party he abandoned. While I am glad that this impasse has been cleared it churns my stomach to think that this fool actually came out ahead in all of this. I hope that when his term is up, the good people of New York's 33rd district have the good sense to bump him out of there and replace him with someone who cares more about his constituents than about senate titles.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you Portugal

Just saw a report on BBC America about Portugal's experiments in decriminalizing ALL drugs. That's right, ALL drugs. And while they had been warned by some that decriminalizing drugs would lead to massive increases in drug use and the potential for a new boom in "drug tourism" none of that has come to happen. In fact drug related deaths and illnesses have decreased and there has been no noticeable increase in drug use. Now, people who need treatment to break their addictions are able to get it and those unable or unwilling to get treatment can at least get clean needles and other services previously unavailable to drug addicts due to the legal issues with associated with providing such services for an illegal activity.

I hope that other countries will realize the folly in keeping drug use a criminal offense and begin to save on the tremendous amount of money and time that is wasted on waging "drug wars" against their own citizens.
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