Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sean Hannity Gone Wild

Like many cable news junkies, I find myself in a perplexing state of (I can't believe I'm writing this) missing the days of Hannity AND Colmes. Now that he is alone Sean has seriously gone off the deep end. After whining and sobbing for years that the "LIBERAL main-stream media" was being unfair to Bush and not supporting the President. Now, less than one full week into President Obama's first term, Sean already has an entire segment attacking the administration. In the defense of the evil main stream liberal socialist communist partisan democrat tree-hugging chai drinking crunchy granola media, they at least weren't dedicating whole segments of their shows to attacking George until after the man took us into two awful wars and took away the very rights he said those poor soldiers were sent to protect.

Sean, please look over some of your old episodes and realize what a raging hypocrite you are. You aren't an ideologue because to have a real ideology takes integrity and understanding of that ideology. All you are is a stray dog that's frothing at the mouth and snapping at anything that moves. Grow up.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jon Stewart says what's funny

So now that Barack Obama has been inaugurated the pundits have begun their big fat lies. As if it wasn't bad enough that in the lead-up to the election the stupidest talking heads that flap their big dumb mouths were saying that Jon Stewart wouldn't want a democrat in the White House because he wouldn't be able to make fun of them. I think that he answered this exact line of questioning most eloquently back in 2004 when asked a similar question on the air and his response was (and I'm paraphrasing here) "yes, because I care so much more about my ratings than my country" (read that with a typical heaping dose of Stewart sarcasm.

There's really no excuse for this nonsense, especially a day after their Changefest '09 episode in which they lampooned President Obama's inauguration speech by comparing it to speeches given by the now former President, George W. Bush.

Hey pundits! He says what's funny and makes fun of the ridiculous side of politics and American pop culture. Have you not been watching? The Daily Show mercilessly attacked Obama all the way through the campaign just as they did McCain. Obviously with McCain's schizophrenic campaign and vice-presidential nominee Annie Oakley there may have been more jokes about them than Obama-Biden but the Daily Show, to their immense credit, have never pulled a joke for ideological reasons.

The idiot pundit that I saw tonight was a bald dude on Chris Matthews' Hardball. Don't know his name and I hope he's eating dog food and living on the street soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1000 dead - half of them women and children

While the pro-Israel lobby evades questions about morally bankrupt weapons and their media teams assault journalists and politicians to avoid condemning their actions, the IDF has killed over 1000 Palestinians. They claim to be targeting Hamas leadership and they claim that this action is in response to Hamas breaking a ceasefire by launching rockets into Southern Israel. While the western news media has repeatedly reported that Hamas broke the ceasefire the fact is that the Israelis broke the ceasefire by storming into Gaza on November 4th and killing 6 members of Hamas.

As for the Israelis claim that they are targeting Hamas only and that the civilian deaths are an unfortunate consequence I have only this to say. If you have killed as many or more civilians than legitimate targets you are either horribly inept and should not be engaging in military action, or you are lying and the civilians are intended targets.

In America, so much energy, money and passion is devoted to the "pro-life/anti-abortion" movement. The idea that every life is sacred, even the little zygote is a human being. But where are these voices when 300 children, human beings with names, and dreams, and hopes, and parents, and siblings, and teachers are killed. Where is the outrage at the murder of all these children? My guess is those same people who beat the drum about the sanctity of life for the blastocyst are also rallying behind Israel on this one in the hopes that this conflict will bring about their much anticipated revelation that they learned by reading Left Behind.
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