Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cynicism vs the Palin derangement syndrome

Watching Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday I was thrilled to see Bill take John Fund to task for being a cynic.  In Bill's words that meant the people like John and David Brooks who "know better but know that the 'stupid people' don't," so they make arguments that appeal to the misinformation that is already out there.  The issue came up during a discussion about Charlie Gibson's interviews with Sarah Palin in which she was flumoxed about the Bush Doctrine.  John Fund was trying to pretend that he didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was when Bill interjected and accused him of being a cynic in an effort to downplay Sarah Palin's giant gap in foreign policy knowledge.

The new catchphrase from Fund was the "Palin derangement syndrome" which he attempted  to explain was attacking  someone new to the national stage.  This is yet another GOP talking point that they are probably trying to get out on the cable news channels and the blogosphere to let it echo around and hopefully increase its prominence to the point that it might start being used by cable news show hosts or, they are praying, by the evening news anchors.  It is disengenous and outright false as Palin has been coddled despite her lack of knowledge on all things outside of Alaska.   

Props to Janeane Garofalo for sticking up to John Fund and calling him out on his bullshit.  And thank you John Fund for reminding me why I created this blog in the first place.  It is because of talking heads like you that spew bullshit that I am driven to write about it no matter how few are reading.

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