Friday, April 29, 2011

More Proof that Democrats have no Political "Strategery"

After weeks of howling from not-yet-a-republican-presidential-candidate Donald "The Donald" Trump, President Obama made the incomprehensibly idiotic move of releasing his long form birth certificate.  I'm not sure how old Jim Messina (Obama's 2012 Campaign Manager) is, but someone should check his birth certificate to make sure he wasn't born yesterday.  At the very least, they should take a lesson from Leslie Knope and make a "pros" and "cons" list the next time they make a big campaign decision.  Here's what one might have looked like if they had.

Releasing President Obama's Birth Certificate

uhm...we'll come back to this one

Oh, I know, it will put the issue to rest once and for all (how did that go dummy?)

It's not going to change anyone's mind
-Birthers will be birthers.  A PDF of a birth certificate is only going to give them more things to talk about
-People who claim Obama is an illegitimate president aren't going to vote for him even if a video is released showing the live birth taking place on the steps of the Hawaii State Capitol

It gives new life to the story

It shows Obama gave in to Trump's public pressure which
a) Makes Obama look weak
b) Gives Trump's demands appear legitimate

It opens the Administration up to criticism for spending money to fly someone to and from Hawaii to get the document

The GOP look like a bunch of lunatics calling for his birth certificate...any of them that are serious rivals for the general election will suffer in the primaries if they denounce the birthers.

Had his advisors taken a few moments to look at the pros and cons, I don't understand how they could possibly have agreed to do this.  It simply shows, once again, that Democrats have the worst strategists.  It's a really good thing that the GOP field is so full of unelectable candidates or the White House would probably go back to them in 2012.

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