Thursday, May 28, 2009

Montreal Gazette editors finally print my comment

Because my first attempt to comment on this article has been censored I am posting it here.

1. Technology has increased a great deal since 1994 so the cost savings associated with networked parking meters etc would have been realized by a city controlled parking infrastructure similarly to a private one.

2. The author does not list any of the rates from 1994 or the rates from today. More than likely it is this difference more than any other that accounts for the increased revenues.

3. What do these increased revenues mean for the small businesses that rely on customers driving to their stores? It's a little bit difficult to bring your desktop computer to a store for repairs on your bike.

4. Instead of just giving the readers a he said/she said between Stationnement de Montreal and the researchers, why not investigate and then tell us which figure (1.6 or 20 cents per dollar) is the correct (or closer to the correct) amount?

I must say I am slightly disappointed with this article as it is a subject that should be of more interest to people but the important questions are not asked, much less answered.

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