Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks Sean

I wanted to write a new post but I didn't watch any cable news over the weekend so I was sort of at a loss for what knucklehead to write about. That's where Sean Hannity rode in on a white horse to save the day. All I had to do was log on to and I knew I would find something that would anger me to the point that I needed to write.

His featured video is about the evils of FDR's new deal and the "lasting damange" it did to the economy. Rabid conservatives like Sean Hannity (who have no problem throwing hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars to firms like Halliburton for oil and food not supplied) are constantly trying to re-write history and attack social spending programs like the new deal. Their argument is that it didn't work, that unemployment did not drop enough during the new deal. What they ignore is what would have happened without the new deal. We wouldn't have the roads, bridges, dams and other public works projects and Sean, in all of his Limbaugh infused wisdom ignores the facts of the day, and that was massive poverty. While today's victims of the financial crisis are hurting, we have yet to see the shocking poverty that existed during the great depression. To criticize the spending that took place and to make comments as Governor Huckabee did that FDR should have let the free market correct itself, is basically saying that millions of Americans should have been left to DEATH. Sorry Sean, but sometimes you need to actually act on all those bumper stickers that say "united we stand" and stand united as a people those around you are suffering. This notion that the market will correct itself is like hoping the driver who plowed the bus into the ditch will be able to get it out. Frankly, I'd rather rely on a tow truck than that bus driver.

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