Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Karl Rove

Now that he has made the giant leap from Republican west wing schemer to Foxnews contributor Karl Rove gets to go on TV and continue to lie to the American people, something he got to practice for more than 6 years working in the White House. Last night he was on Hannity (no longer Hannity and Colmes) and got to spend some quality time with Reaganphilic Sean as they bashed Obama and the stimulus package.

Suddenly, it seems, Mr. Rove believes that deficits are bad for the country and the economy. Suddenly, after saddling my generation with hundreds of billions, perhaps trillions in debt to pay for unnecessary wars and unnecessary tax cuts for his buddies, Mr. Rove is disgusted at spending what we don't have. WTF?! At this point, I don't even mind ideologues. If there were any real ideologues left in the Republican party who actually stood up for some principle of conservatism like fiscal responsibility or balanced budgets I could respect that. I would still disagree when they say we need to balance the budget at the expense of health care and education, but I could respect the stance. When you've spent the last 8 years championing unbridled spending coupled with gratuitous tax cuts for the wealthy and all the while allowed the economy to completely flounder what business do you have to advise anyone on anything?

No less than 3 times did Mr. Rove mention that the discretionary spending by the federal government was going to expand from 300 something billion to 512 billion dollars. Why he felt the need to go over that number so many times is lost on me but perhaps he should have also listed how much we've spent on contractors like Halliburton and Blackwater and the increases in the budget those required between 2000 and now.

My biggest regret about the Obama administration so far is that I doubt he, or the Democrats in Congress will have the courage to haul you, Alberto, Dick, and the rest of your criminal administration before the American people to answer for what you've done.

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