Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sean Hannity Gone Wild

Like many cable news junkies, I find myself in a perplexing state of (I can't believe I'm writing this) missing the days of Hannity AND Colmes. Now that he is alone Sean has seriously gone off the deep end. After whining and sobbing for years that the "LIBERAL main-stream media" was being unfair to Bush and not supporting the President. Now, less than one full week into President Obama's first term, Sean already has an entire segment attacking the administration. In the defense of the evil main stream liberal socialist communist partisan democrat tree-hugging chai drinking crunchy granola media, they at least weren't dedicating whole segments of their shows to attacking George until after the man took us into two awful wars and took away the very rights he said those poor soldiers were sent to protect.

Sean, please look over some of your old episodes and realize what a raging hypocrite you are. You aren't an ideologue because to have a real ideology takes integrity and understanding of that ideology. All you are is a stray dog that's frothing at the mouth and snapping at anything that moves. Grow up.

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