Monday, February 14, 2011

University of Rochester's Campus Times pens another winner

The University of Rochester's Adam Ondo has written an article for the Campus Times calling for more, and faster death penalties in our justice system.  Here is my quick response.  Hopefully we'll get another flurry of activity like we did on James Russell's call for School Vouchers.

My response:
While it’s great that you’re able to prove in your article that Singapore’s streamlined death penalty system is the absolute factor in their low crime rate, perhaps taking your assertions as fact might not be the most intelligent thing your readers could do.
Take for example the fact that violent crime has been on the decline at the same time that America’s prison population has skyrocketed.
Take for example that maybe other factors, like childhood poverty play a role in crime statistics, and that America ranks near the bottom of OECD countries in child well-being might have more to do with crime than whether or not the death penalty is in effect.
While I’m thrilled that you are so enthusiastic to kill a bunch of people quickly so that we can all save some tax money, perhaps if we were willing to address some of the causes of crime instead of just pouring billions of dollars into building more prisons and speeding up executions we might end up in a much better society than the one you are dreaming of.

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