Friday, December 12, 2008

Who shat in Katie Couric's cornflakes this morning?

Hey Katie,

What crawled up your ass today?  I saw your interview with the head of the UAW and hostile would be an understated description of how you questioned him.  I didn't know CBS' official position was that unions are bad and your attempts to put the blame on them for the piss-poor management of the auto industry is insulting to the news profession.

The UAW is fighting efforts to strip the unions of the hard-fought battles they've won in the past the same way they must fight every time contracts come up for negotiations.  The facts are these: the corporations will always try to swindle workers out of their rightly deserved benefits and they will use any downturn in the economy to impose these cuts.  Rarely when companies are making money will they suddently toss extra money and benefits to the workers so why should those same workers take a cut because management has screwed the pooch?

Also, when you tried to pick on them for their vacation days and holidays, tell me Katie, how many vacation days do you have a year?  How many holidays do you get to leave the evening news desk and go spend time with your family?  This was a shameful interview and your questions undermine the legitimacy of CBS as a news provider.

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