Friday, November 7, 2008

Poor Sarah

While I am tremendously relieved that Wasilla's Sarah Palin will not be our next Vice President, the recent attacks on this poor little fish (barracuda's are fish right?) out of water have really shown the GOP's true side.  By calling her names like "Wasilla hillbillies" the GOP presidential campaign staffers show their true feelings about so called "wal-mart moms" and those folks that live in the "pro-american" parts of the country.  They may have hidden behind their "Joe the plumbers" and "Lenny the lumberjack" but the true powers behind the would-be GOP administration is more elitist than any of Karl Rove's depictions of President elect Obama.

Move on America, and leave Sarah to her gubernatorial duties.  Stop giving any more attention and coverage to this nearly catastrophic candidate and let's focus on what's ahead.  We need the news media now to focus on the work ahead and how we as a nation can and must provide health care and education to all Americans.

And fuck you Joe Lieberman!

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  1. Lol. About Lieberman. And yes, poor Sarah. Maybe. At times, I really do really feel sorry for her. Ever since the clothing fiasco and even more now. It's hard not to feel a little bit bad for her and sympathize a little.

    But then I remember just how awful she was at so many of her rallies - the kind of vitriol that came out of her mouth. And I feel just a little less empathy.

    Good point though, about the GOP and their elitism - oh, the hypocrisy of it all!


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