Friday, June 27, 2008

Larry King 2008/06/26

So I just got back from seeing Get Smart and when I turned on my TV and hopped over to CNN. It being between midnight and 1 I got to see some Larry King talking with 4 female pundits, one of which was Kellyanne Conway. The very first sentence of her Wikipedia page is "Kellyanne Conway (b. January 20, 1967) is a Republican strategist and pollster," yet what does Larry King ask her? Does he ask her about John McCain? No. Does he ask her about the strategies for the Republican party this year? No. He asks her about what role Bill Clinton should play in the upcoming campaign to help Senator Obama. This exemplifies my problem with these pundits because I think that perhaps, just maybe, there is a role that these partisan hacks could play in our news media but answering questions about what a member of their opposing party should do, with some misguided belief that anything they say will be anything other than their attempt to benefit their candidate serves no use to the much needed debate about politics and policies in this country.

She contributed nothing to the discussion in her 3 minutes of non-response to Larry King's ill-fated question. All she did was attempt to drive a wedge between Clinton and Obama supporters. She added to the criticisms of Bill Clinton in the wake of his lack of vocal support for Obama and she made silly mentions of Obama's right to pick his own nominee for Veep. Both comments are clearly designed to anger Clinton supporters who think Bill should be left to grieve his wife's unsuccessful campaign and those like Lanny Davis who think that Hillary must be the Veep, no matter how disastrous that would be.

Later on in the program the fossil asked what Hillary Clinton can do now that she is no longer going to be President. Kellyanne slowly, and clearly enunciated not that 18 million people had voted for Hillary but that 8 million women had voted against her. Again, what use is it to ask a republican strategist what Hillary should do since their ultimate goal would be for her to get bumped out of the Senate at the very least.

Well, that's as much Larry King as I can stand to watch so I'll end this post here.

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